Local and Hosted Website differences

Hello anyone,yesterday I’ve tried for the first time to host a website I’ve made on the web, but it does look a bit bigger (font-size, div dimensions) than the one I’ve got stored in my pc. Why does that happen? I couldn’t figure it out for some reasons.

Maybe css files are not linked properly. Can you share the link to website?


I quickly checked your website on my localhost and it looks the same. What local server do you use?

I used to code it and refresh it on my localhost

It is hard to say. Usually this problem is caused by some css files not lading properly. You would need to debug it with dev tools and also check this with several different browsers

Well, here’s a screenshot of the differences:

The one that fits better (where u can see the footer) is the local versione, the other one is the hosted one.

Look like one of the pages is zoomed in. Sometimes browser remembers zoom settings for a specific site. Check if this is the case then clear the browser chache and compare the pages again

Yea, that was exactly the difference. I found about it a few days ago and could fix it. Thank you very much for the backup anyways!!