Local Development Env for Ubuntu and Nginx on M1 Macs

I have been looking to brush up on my nginx/backend knowledge and found a really useful guide on the FCC blog (The NGINX Handbook – Learn NGINX for Beginners).

However, the guide seems to not be using a machine with Apple Silicon and, after a full night of Googling, I am stumped as to how I can achieve a vagrant style dev environment on my machine.

I have tried the Docker route but it seems like it wont suffice as I would need to rebuild the Docker image every time I change the Nginx config files which is just not practical.

I also tried going down the route of using the beta Virtual Box for Apple Silicon but that simply does not work and, after some further reading, I can see that their team know this and do not recommend using that for anything more than messing around.

A lot of other guides online seem to be hinting towards using a cloud based VM but that doesn’t seem practical to me. I have a VPS so I could just partition that and install on there but, again, that is not practical as it would mean I cannot develop without an active internet connection.

At the moment I have resulted to just installing Nginx on my machine directly and tinkering that way but that is also not practical as it isn’t really going to allow me to develop using the same environment in which I would be deploying. It also means I can only really test one setup at any one time.

If anyone has a solution for this and can give instruction/links to doc it would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


Aight, so, I have found a working solution… finally: Vagrant and VMWare Fusion 13 on Apple M1 Pro · GitHub