Local weather api... free?

Hello everyone! I’m developing a proyect where I use the ubication to get the weather…
I was looking for an API and I find this one…
glitch me /api/current?latitude&longitude
Is there any problem if I use it?
I mean… the proyect will be use it to certain people (actually for a company)… but I don’t know if this API it’s completly free… I don’t want any problem, that’s why I’m asking for.

Thank you. Have a nice day.

It should be free. Pretty sure it’s created by Freecodecamp afterall :slight_smile:

Ok. But the proyect will be for a company… Should I must contact with support? Just in case…

If it is for a company, then no, you probably shouldn’t use the FCC API. It was made as a pass through for FCC projects, not for commercial use. I assume that FCC is paying a licensing fee so they can get the bandwidth they need for that API - most of these sites charge a fee for their service if it goes above a certain traffic level. It was made so learners wouldn’t have to deal with creating accounts and API keys.

If it’s just a POC, then it probably wouldn’t be too bad, but you can easily create a free account on one of the services for low volume traffic. And if you need high volume traffic, then you definitely shouldn’t be using the FCC API but should be paying for the service that you are using.

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