Local Weather App - Feedback Please!

Hey FCC people! Just finished the local weather app, be sure to check it out and leave some feedback! Try typing in a few different places too.


~ dT-Nick

Good work this I like it.

Makes me want to go and add the auto complete search feature to mine, which I know my API supports. I like the way you change the colors along with the background too. It all looks neat and aligned so yeh, good job :slight_smile:

if I was being picky and for the sake of feedback I would say to Math floor the figures and make the temperature unit tap target bigger because it didnt work on my phone, works as expected on my PC. .



Thanks Mark! The only reason I haven’t math floored the figures is because the color codes of the temp circle are based off the actual temperature, and I figure when it comes to that it’s probably better to round as it’ll be closer to the true temperature. As for the unit tap target, no problem I’ll make it bigger.