Local weather app Help ajax error

Sorry, if this question has been posted before. The ajax function is returning error function and not going to success.
Below is the code snippet.

function getWeather(lat1,lon1){

$.ajax( {
type: “GET”,
dataType: “json”,
url:“http://api.openweathermap.org/data/2.5/weather?lat=”+lat1 +"&lon="+lon1+"&appid=c5b4e74b23c2533b06b1cd304b46d3b9",
success: function(data){
error: function(){
console.log(lat1+" " + lon1);

“41.5139193 -81.6747295”

I have tried different things, used getJson, tried in firefox, the url has the JSON object, but the code isn’t going to success function.

Any help is appreciated.

Load ur pen via http instead https
think that because this http://openweathermap.org/price
u can only get ur data via http

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Hi… thanks for the reply… when i load the pen via http the navigator.geolocation.getcurrentposition shows error. When i load via HTTPS it shows me the coordinates but the success callback in ajax doesn’t work. Can’t seem to know the problem. Two days went by without any progress.

U can make two function as callbacks like

And if ur browser support this geolocation but can’t determine position then it will call errorCallback

in errorCallback u can fetch your position getting JSON from

*i’ll later check what can cause that error http - geolocation u mentioned

Thanks again for the quick reply. That error is the one I have written for the error callback in navigator function. I didn’t think of getting coordinates even in error function. I will try the one you mentioned and will update.

If i get the location from [http://ipinfo.io/json] in my error callback in navigator function, the ajax is working via HTTP. Thanks a lot for the suggesstion.

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This guy explain thing
https - for weather api
http - for geolocation

Also if u access via https this https://ipinfo.io/json u get msg:

SSL access is restricted to paid plans. See Flexible pricing for the most accurate IP data - IPinfo.io for more details, or contact us via Contact Sales - IPinfo.io

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