Local Weather App - Toggle Btn

Could anyone explain why my toggle button doesn’t respond to anything I write in the CSS file?

Is is because jQuery is overriding it? If so, what do I need to do?

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

Go into the Setting under Javascript and Quick-Add JQuery, see if it works after that.

Hi Martin,

I’ve actually been building it all on a text editor and the problem is still there.

I only upload to codepen when I want to share. I put all the header stuff into the header field on codepen instead of quick-adding.

You forgot a } after the styling for #container.

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It’s the most common issue when dealing with JQuery, so when I checked and saw you hadn’t Quick-added it I figured I’d suggest doing so.

I don’t see any changes to the toggle in the code featured within Codepen, which could just be my newbiness showing, so I doubt I could help.

I’d suggest trying to target either the a element or #toggle in css to make changes - #toggle is working for me - and that’s pretty much all I have. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

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