Local Weather App - Your suggestions/comments?


Can you please review my following project?


Thanks and have a great day!

Nice design, really. One minor thing: it is Celsius, not Celcius.

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Good catch! gonna fix it asap, thanks for the comment :v:

Have a good day!

I thinks it’s cool and good looking but for me personally, i don’t like that i navigate to a weather app, and then still have to push a button to get the weather info.
That’s one step too much i think.

Also, the animation on your button is cool for a second, but it’s bothering after a while.

But don’t get me wrong, overall, i like your page, good job.
(all that critique and you probably just want to toy around with some animation :slight_smile: )

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Thanks a lot for this constructive feedback, I have modified the project now based on your comment, fetching weather info as soon as page loads and that pulse effect on button looked cool at first so I said why not use it :smiley: however I have replaced it with “hoverable” and “waves” effect which looks slick and not much irritating like pulse.

Thanks again for your comment Mannuzzz ! Happy Coding :slight_smile: