Local weather need help

Can anyone please tell me what is going on here? The page doesnt load to me, and i literally cant do anything… https://codepen.io/Sebastijan/pen/MVedVp

btw it tells me that it has been saved 13minutes ago, but my auto-save is disabled so i dont know how did it save…can i display my saving history of that?



You need to close out your render function with a } on the line before the last }); of your JavaScript code.

Once you get the code working again, make sure to properly indent your code to make it much easier to spot such problems. Codepen has a Tidy feature in the dropdown of each module (HTML, CSS, JS) which will attempt to make the applicable indentations to make your code more readable. However, the Tidy feature only works when the code has no syntax errors.


Thank you very much. And while we are at it, if i move my mouse inside that container with description etc… You can see that all of my text gets lines beneath…thats probably because its an ID, but is there a way i can make that invisible?

The underlines are the result of you not closing your anchor tag with </a> inside the li element.

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