Local Weather Tests

Hey, Coders! :slight_smile:

I 'm developing my Local Weather Project and would like to receive some suggestions for improvements .

Again, I decided not to use bootstrap or other framework, because I need to learn more css (my biggest weakness) .

It’s a very simple application that captures the user’s location by IP (not depend of the users authorization in the browser). I am using the ownFont icons (they are ugly but are better than originals :sweat_smile:) .

I change the background color depending on the user’s city temperature .

I’ve used Angular to work with Javascript, mainly for the creation of the binds between view and controller .

Link to the project

Any suggestion is welcome. :slight_smile:

Looks good and everything seems to work! ip-api.org seems to think I’m in a city veeeeeeery far away today, though.

If you just paste in the URL to your CodePen without Markdown’s link formatting, the forum app will display a working preview for you :slight_smile: