Locational Data Analysis

I am new here. I work in construction as an estimator and I am starting to get into data analysis because I can see all the potential benefits of having both for strengthening my future career goals. I know basic html/css scripts from a former hobby, but I am just starting to crack into python.

So I have one small goal (which really might not be that small of a goal) on the path to the large goal of having a generalized good understanding of data analysis, and I am sure there might be programs already on the market for this task, but I would rather do it myself to get the experience. I want to create a database of contacts for companies I typically work with, and want to build a query to pull contacts from that list through location (as in 30/60/90 miles from an address). I want it to be simple.

So my question is what would be the MOST direct path of learning to get to that point. I think this has to do with “geopoint”. I could definitely be wrong. Any thoughts on what would be best for me to learn to get to that point?

Welcome, studio.

It is excellent you have a goal you are working towards, and projects are a useful method to learn programming. In terms of data analysis, this does not sound like that. I would imagine that the implementation of this would be:

  1. Create database of contacts with locations
  2. Query the database, and filter with basic maths based on geographical distances.

There is little-to-no analysis of the data.

In terms of a learning path, you might need to be more specific as to your end goal.

  1. Is this an application?
  2. Is this meant for personal use, or corporate? (This will determine things like how you implement security, user-accounts, etc.)
  3. Are you wanting to try and do as much of this in Python as possible?

Essentially, you will need to consider UI/UX. Or, keep it dead simple:

  1. Create a python script with Flask (Django, if you dare) to connect and update a database.
  2. Create the database (mySQL, MongoDB, what-have-you)
  3. Every time you wish to add/run the script, you open your cmd, and call the script by passing in parameters such as your location, and it can spit out the top 5 nearest companies.

I hope this helps with your planning.

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