Log for User Exercises in Exercise Tracker not updating properly

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On adding exercises for a user in Mongodb the exercise log is not updated properly using updateOne. Although it add the exercise but both the description and duration does not show up, but the date does. I tried to console.log() and it’s there. I am new to MongoDB and this part is the problem here.

  const description = req.body.description;
  const duration = req.body.duration;
  const date = req.body.date;
  const id = req.params.id;
  console.log("description : --> ", description);
  console.log("duration : --> ", duration);
                {$inc: {count:1},
                 $set: {
                    $push: {
                      log : { $each: {
                        'log.date': date,
                        'log.duration' : duration,
                        'log.description' : description
      if (err) return err;

 User.findOne({id:id},(err, data)=>{
    if (err) return err;
    console.log("exercises ", JSON.stringify(data));
  }); });

Below is the sample output and you can see the log has data on it but only _id and date are populated.

exercises {"_id":“623462f498222a6740026836”,“username”:“fcc_test_16476003717”,"__v":0,“count”:160,“log”:[{"_id":“62355ac242588a32391f5b8b”,“date”:“2022-03-19T04:23:30.486Z”}]}

My schema by the way is a little bit different since I embedded exercise in User as log.

Thanks for any help.

GOD bless.

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