Logical error ? Sting operation

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Can any one please tell me what is the problem with this code. I hand run it and i think it works fine, obviously there is some problem please help anyone

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function titleCase(str) {
//1. Method1: Convert str to arr.
//2. Use given str and  else if to find space.
let foundSpace =false;
for(let i=0;i<str.length;i++){

    if(str[i]!==" " && !foundSpace){
    else if(str[i]!==" " && foundSpace){
       foundSpace = false;
    }else if(str[i]==" "){
      foundSpace = true;

return str;

console.log(titleCase("I'm a little tea pot"));

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Challenge: Title Case a Sentence

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this is not doing anything
string are immutable, you can’t change a single character in the string just like that and toUpperCase returns a new value, doesn’t change what is applied to

let str ="i'm a little tea pot";
// I

They why this works ?

You are printing the output of that command, but not the original string.


let str = "resistance is futile";
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it doesn’t work, you are logging to the console the return value of str[0].toUpperCase(), but it doesn’t change the value of str
try this and see if it changes anything


But if you see str has’nt still changed.


Strings are immutable

function titleCase(str) {
  //1. Method1: Convert str to arr.
  let newStringArray= str.split(" ");

  for(let i=0;i<newStringArray.length;i++){
  return newStringArray.join(" ");

console.log(titleCase("I'm a little tea pot"));

This also does not work. i changed my str to array, then why it’s not working ?

because toUpperCase return a new value, doesn’t change the value of what it is applied on, and you are still trying to change a character in the string, you can’t change pieces of the string

if you try to do it manually it errors:

let str = "hello";
str[0] = "H"; // error, impossible to do

you are trying to do the same thing in a fancier way but it is still not possible

and this just doesn’t work:

let str = "hello";

make the above work and you can solve the algorirhm

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let str1 = "I'm a little tea pot";
str1 = str1.toLowerCase().concat(" tHIS IS ");
//i'm a little tea pot tHIS IS

I understand i cannot change a character within string, but when i change whole string to a lowerCase and doing concat and saving the value in same string variable str1. It works

Since it is immutable it should not change, what exactly is happening ? is it creating new reference to str1??

Actually i am also confused if I declate str1 as const the above code will not work, so what exactly is happening behind the scene ?

you can change a whole string alright in that way
you can do str1 = str1.toLowerCase(), but as toLowerCase() return a new value for the code it is the same as doing str1 = "A wizard went to the market to buy an apple"
you can’t still do str1[1] = str1[1].toLowerCase()

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with const you can’t reassign any value

let a = 8;
a = 9; // fine
a++; // still fine

const b = 9;
b = 11; // error, you can't reassign a variable declared with const

So a new reference will be created or not ?. The same reference will point to new value ?

when you use a method that returns a new string you are creating a new string, which you can reassign to the variable that was holding the old string

only with arrays and objects you can have different references to the same object

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