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After the maintenance update, every time logging in requires an email to be sent with a login code and there is no option to create a password or login with old password. I have never linked other social media or github and do not wish to at this point. I have replied to this email as suggested in other topics seen on this forum but have not and do not really expect to receive a response as this is probably a minor issue, the team is probably very busy, and this may be the way it is supposed to function.

  • Is this standard for everyone?
  • Will we have an option to create a password or do we have this option and I have not seen it?
  • Will logging in by requesting a code every time create some sort of security error or is there a limit to the login codes that can be received which will lock the account?

Thank you.

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I think it is standard for everyone and I am not sure why are they doing it because it is kind of annoying having to enter security code every time I try to log in

  • Yes, it is standard for everyone. FreeCodeCamp now uses passwordless authentication, reason can be found in Quincy’s post.
  • I don’t believe there will be a password option.
  • If you’re using incognito mode, or have cookie/cache cleared, you’ll need to repeat the login steps everytime you access the page. Otherwise, you should stay logged in.

Here is the announcement post if you missed it.

@BoCode84 Agreed, but from the announcement it looks like it is for security.

@byteOwl Thank you, I had not seen this.

Glad I could clear things up for you. Happy coding!

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I’ve tried it still not working

what’s not working?
if you mean the one time password generated each time, that’s the expected behaviour

yes i agreed ur conditions thanks for having me and letting me know