Login freecodecamp with code?

Hello, may i ask, why do i need to login to freecodecamp always with a code via email? why can i not use the same login from the freecodecamp forum?

the freecodecamp forum is a different account

if you don’t want to log in with the code you can use log in with github, google, or facebook - it will login to your account if you use the same email address

thank you! with github for example i can login in the forum and in freecodecamp?

in forum you can log in with username and password or with your curriculum account, in curriculum you can log in with your email+code or any of the third party log-ins

thx for the response :call_me_hand:
i am new here and i was wondering if there’s an easier way to access the curriculum.
i will check out for what or for who the Github website is.

create an account, if you keep for the web developer way, you will need it - it will let you store your code for free, and it’s an useful tool for version control - for example the freecodecamp code is all visible there: https://github.com/freeCodeCamp/freeCodeCamp - github pages also let you put live small projects for free

it has a steep learning curve, but it’s pretty useful

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wow and i was wondering, where i can write my own website to test it- you just gave me the answer!!! You are great, thx a lot :+1:

it’s much simpler if at the beginning you go with something like codepen or repl.it, less stress to learn how git works

github pages is useful when you want to put something out for the public (maybe your portfolio, or something like that)

but if you want to start with that go for it. Note you can’t code in github directly, you still need a local environment and an editor (or virtual environment like GitPod), github is more akin to storage

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did you used codepen as well in the beginning?

yes,or better, I prefer repl.it, but it’s the same kind of thing.

I had a GitHub account for a few years now, because some places I frequent ask for bug reports like that, but I started using it in the last few weeks, first to contribute to freeCodeCamp and then because I have created a little tool that uses the API of a webapp I use and wanted to share it with other users, so I have hosted it on github pages