Login issues for email acct


I worked on FreeCodeCamp from the beginning of the program to about halfway through CSS. THen I closed my browser. I cannot login with the email that received the initial “Welcome to FreeCodeCamp.org”/“Your verification code is” email.

Login attempts seem to direct me to a page where I am obliged to login via social media, which was not used to create the account.

How can I log in?

When you sign in, you need a fresh code. Just go to sign in, put in your same email address. You’ll get a new code to enter.

Hi Ariel,

Thanks for replying. I had tried that but ended up self-solving because FreeCodeCamp is one of the sites that doesn’t like my VPN… grumble grumble. Disabling my VPN allowed a login. This issue can be marked as resolved. Thanks! :slight_smile:

That would be the hosting that FCC uses. Bummer that it doesn’t get along with your VPN. Glad you got sorted though. Happy coding!