Login without email

Hi ,
I am being requested viewing of my progress by a third party. Is there a way to share my login details? It seems there is only one way to have an account and that is via an email.
It is important to me as this party wish to see I have done some modules and such in order to join their course. All sounds a bit like borrowing but I am not in a position to doubt their overall right to ask for my progress here. Sometimes the login suggests only account and then on the line below password.
Can you clarify anyone if I only have one option apart from their believing me or seeing screenshots which is to give them my email password (that would be a dodgy idea of course).
I of course could just look at somebody else’s profile and tell them to do that to mine except I don’t see that as an option here, or is it please?

I wouldn’t ever share personal login details with anyone but your profile can be viewed here: https://www.freecodecamp.org/jimsterhq
This allows anyone to view all challenges/certifications completed. Is this not sufficient?

thanks, it’s obvious I suppose to have tried that.

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