London study group - introduce yourself!

Hi, i’m vincent

I am a computer operator who only type and print for customers, i just finished secondary school waiting for my admission to a university.

I love typing and computer games, but i really want to learn java with coding. I’ve looked for teachers but to no avail till i found this website.

I have not done this before any of them both java, coding and so on.

thank you for accepting me into your community.

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I came to London from India 4 years ago.
I am trying to equip myself to do a career switch to IT. I was Self-Studying Java for last 8-9 months while working full time. While Java is still under progress, I have come here to learn HTML, CSS and JS.


You will definitely find this place useful for your career. All the Best.

Keep Going.
Me too self-studying besides full time job.
Freecodecamp really inspired me, it is the best place ever, to learn many things that boosts our career
and people here are really awesome, helping each other.
All the Best.

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The main thing is not to stop there. You always have to try something new!

Hi, I am sujon.I am totally a new.I want to be full stack developer.I need a full guide line to follow.Right now I am learning js.plz any suggestion would be appreciated …Tia.

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Hello, everybody! My name is Jenifer and I’m from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I’ve been working in IT for the past 19 years, firstly as a ASP.NET web developer (VB.NET), then as a Business Analyst, and finally decided to go back to coding. I’ve been out of the development area since 2013, so right now I’m catching up with everything that was released since then (OMG so much stuff) while planning my move to London. I’m currently in the city so I hope to see you all in the October meetup.

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I am a full-stack software engineer, with more than 10 years of coding journey. Experienced in software, web and mobile application development, deployment and maintenance. I am successfully running my private software, web and mobile app development firm from the last few years.

Hey all, my name is Paul,

I am currently transitioning from audio engineer to web developer. I have completed the FCC curriculum and, as a hobby, have been dabbling in web development for quite some time.

Around May this year I decided that I hate working in the music industry and the one consistent in my life - regarding career/hobbies - has always been coding, so I decided to pursue it as a career.

Since then I am happy to say I am edging closer to my goal and have started getting clients etc.

I’ve only been to one of the meetups so far - work is demanding in the winter and I can’t quit yet - but hope to see you all at the October one!

tks for your share, c’mon up

Hi all. My name is Michael from Africa. I’m an undergraduate final year student of one of the universities here studying economics . I started learning web design some months ago (February). I’ve been doing this all alone with the help of some YouTube videos. I learnt html, css and javascript with coding addict on YouTube and I found freecodecamp when I tried learning php. It’s not been an easy journey because I still face some issues trying to get somethings right.
I hope I can find someone I can always talk to for some coding assistance.

Hi, I am new here. I am working as web developer and always love to read good stuff about web development, its future etc.

please adam, what is your social media handle so i can follow you up…am innocent from Nigeria #NEWBIE

Hello Jacob
My name is Paul live in Housotn Texas, I am interested to learn from the scratch python and other programming languages. Pleasure you are in Austin we can share ideas.
I have not developed any program as you did during your studies but I am ambitious to develop a church program for Android users and iOS users.
Planing to join others institutions to further deepen my knowledge and experiences.

Hello ,

My name is David Donisa.

I am a Web developer specializing in the following languages :

HTML , XML , CSS, PHP , MySQL , JavaScript , jQuery , Java , Android

I am Bachelor in ICT and Master 1 in Technology Watch .

As such , I created the Blog which relates various subjects related to these fields .

Thank you for welcoming me to this site because I wish to participate in the IT mutual aid effort but also to benefit from technical advice from the community, in terms of development .

Have nice day :grinning:

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Hi Everyone…

My name is Jorge F. I only started two days ago with HTML and CSS. so I am practically beginning I mean literally. I would like to be able to put into practice what I am learning in some way, starting with affordable jobs for my current programming knowledge. I hope some day be a developer

Hi. I’m Samir.
I’ve been coding on and off since the days of the commodore 64 – I’m that old. I started learning javascript last year and have a few projects up and running on my github page:

I went to a couple of meetups last year in London, but I find it difficult to get to them because of distance and day job. I enjoyed them and am now trying to set up a meetup more locally in Aylesbury

Hi am Gibson

Am a college student in NYC graduating this summer and why am I joining a London study group you might say? Well one my of goals is to live and work in Europe (most specifically Spain, London, Amsterdam, and Germany all in that order) and London is one of those cities am definitely interested in, am trying to connect with as much people as I possibly can because you’ll never know maybe someone might offer a job. My coding journey started when I took a programming course using Python for Data Analytics (originally an accounting student) that’s when I realized coding was for me and its something I can do all day everyday, even though I got a decent grade for the course, I didn’t mind because it change my perspective about everything and realized how coding affects us everyday. My LinkedIn profile is below if anyone is interested in connecting.

I came to London from India 4 years ago.
I am trying to equip myself to do a career switch to IT. I was Self-Studying Java for last 8-9 months while working full time. While Java is still under progress, I have come here to learn HTML, CSS and JS.