Longest word in a string (algorithm basic)

I’m currently on the Longest word string (Basic Algorithm)
Am I right in thinking that we haven’t been taught about ‘str.split’ as yet in the curriculum?
Gutted that I am completely lost.

Please include the link to the challenge when asking about a specific challenge:

You don’t need to use split() to pass this challenge, but you seem to know what the method does, so you are certainly welcome to use it.

How would you handle this problem if you were finding the longest word in a sentence written down on a piece of paper?

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Sorry, will do next time. Was slightly embarrassed with my code thus far.
Great tip, will do that. Thanks.

The amount of times you have bailed me out Jeremy. Thanks!

We’ve all written bad code :smiley: It’s often the first step in writing good code!

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lol. Will keep that in mind 100 percent!

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