Longest word javascript

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Why last case is failing?

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function findLongestWordLength(str) {
  var st = " ";
  var count = 0;
  var arr = []; 
  var j = 0;
  for(var i = 0; i < str.length; i++)
    if(st == str.charAt(i))
      arr[j] = count - 1;
      count = 0;
  return Math.max(...arr);
  //return Math.max(arr);
  //return str.length;

findLongestWordLength("The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog");

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your code is only counting letters before the space, so it never pushes the last count to the array this is why the last test fails, because the longest word is the last word in the string.
hope this makes sense and help you fix the code :slightly_smiling_face: