Look at my Tic Tac Toe Project


Hopefully this is my last project with spaghetti code.

I’m hungry for more structure in my code so I got some learning material lined up to dive into code that is modular, separation of concerns, MVC etc.

Anyways let me know if anything stands out that should be fixed or tweaked.

Any critiques welcome.

Its nice. One thing is that if you put a little delay for the computer to make move then it would look more realistic i guess.

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Your tic tac toe project is good.The look is clean, neat and sleek but there is only a slight issue with the size of the game-board (Since you asked for constructive criticism), I mean that it is slightly big and doesn’t fit on my screen(I use a laptop that has Diagonal length of 15-inch), I can’t get the whole view.I suggest you to make it Responsive, if that is possible.
Apart from the size issue everything works pretty smoothly.
Well Done.I hope you keep doing your projects successfully.

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Maybe I’ll try a short delay and see how it feels.

Yea, it scales based on width when the screen is less than 1300px right now. I wanted to also make it responsive to height too but haven’t yet. I will work on it.

Thanks for input.