Look my Personal web page and give Feedback

Hi guys, I create my personal web page with HTML, CSS and Javascript. check it out and tell me what do you think about it?

I’m starting in frontend field and I wanna learn much more like angular and node. If you are like me a beginner I’m pretty sure that you are very motivated for all that we can achieve.



Looks good. In the USA, we never put or phone number or address on a site like that. You get too many phone calls. Not to mention spam and ID theft. We get an online number to take our calls. Something like Google Voice but in Colombia. Same with your online CV. Online is international. References and personal identifiable information beyond email or a throwaway voice-mail number are available on request. Maybe a professional interest contact form requiring name, company name, business email, and business phone so you can verify them first. You can then follow Colombian customs for Colombians. The “contact me” button surprised me. I was expecting a modal contact form or in-page navigation to your existing contact form.

I have an old 24 inch monitor so I can see more of your page at once. I stopped before the bar graph animation trigger so I wondered why they didn’t represent the percentage.

I think you made the right decision not to make each section 100% viewport height - header height. That’d be way to much whitespace on my monitor. Maybe a media query would fix it? Your choice.
With my eyesight I need more contrast between the form background and the placeholder text.
Overall very nice!

@ingcarlostello Muy bien. The photo of the building is a great choice for a landing page. Is that a building on Colombia?
I think the form input fields should be double the height. This is just my opinion.

Wow, man! your skills are amazing! You are a really awesome coder and your portfolio is outstandingly awesome!
Keep up the good coding!