Looking for a code partner to help create web app

I was wondering if anyone wanted to pair up to create a web app? Possibly teaming up with a back-end dev to create an open source project.

I have the domain Aquaman._io, and thought of some ideas if anyone is interested.

Why Aquaman? Anyone searching for you app will get the movie!

I did a little research on this before using the google keyword planner. The .com aquaman domain has been bought and someone is holding onto it without building a website. With the keyword getting around 70k searches a month, and there not being a site actually built yet for other .com, etc, it should be relatively easy to rank well organically. Just an idea.

That’s nice but what is the app for? Prompting the movie?
If it is not then it will get lost in the searches for the movie. That’s my point.

I understand your point. But look at Scotch.io, the keyword Scotch returns 191,000,000 results. They seemed to do okay. I think if you build something useful, the dev community will find it.


I feel like this domain could go for a lot of money. Anyway, what do you have in mind?

Had a few ideas in mind, but they might be terrible ideas. The first was to create a web application for speed/optimization, maybe Image or CSS compressor. 2nd was an application that lists all of the livestreams available of marine biology. Last was just a site for ad revenue or affiliate marketing.