Looking for a programming buddy

My goal in life is to become a game developer (and to work in any branch of computer science such as web development).I’m currently learning basic C++ stuff,but I really want to learn well.I want to have a buddy or a mentor to help me because I and he/she will learn diligently.I want to make mistakes with my mentor and not make the mistake again.I want to learn more languages (Python,C,C#,Java,Javascript,etc.) and any game engine(Unity,unreal,gamemaker,but I want to learn Unreal),but that’s for later I want to learn C++ for now and master it.I’m hoping that with a buddy I learn diligently and smartly and develop game development skills along the way in order to become a successful game developer.My discord is Cobra#2289. FYI:I’m 14 years old

Hi, nice to meet you :slight_smile: pm me