Looking for a python/flask partner

Hi everyone!

I recently began studying Python. Looking to really jump into learning Flask, and really get going on building a portfolio to showcase this. If anyone else out there is currently on the same path as I am, please reach out to me! I know having a partner/study buddy can turn out to be a huge help in this journey!

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I just started learning python, would like to discuss some topics too!

I would love to be your partner but i dont know python and neither backend development.
But what i suggest is that you should go to this website meetup.com and find a Flask/python group in your city or at least near by you city and there on you might find a partner, that you could actually meet to face. Good luck finding Flask/python partner.

Uhm, if you’re going to build a group i’ll be interested ^^


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I have some knowledge with Python(still beginner)
But i’m working on my problem solving and i want to start learning Flask as well.
I would be very appreciated to join your study group and share my knowledge with you. :slight_smile:

What is everyones timezone looking like? I am located in Florida (Eastern timezone). I am usually on here Monday-Fridays from 9-5. I would definitely love to get a group going. The more heads the better.

I can start anytime :smiley: . my timezone is +2 (Egypt).
6 hours a head from you.
Are you going to make Skype group? How does it works?
Peace :blush:

Cool, my timezone it the same of you @AhmedOsaka! (IT here)
Anyway here is a topic with a couple of groups:

Chat apps are the most popular (slack / discord) since there are no time constrain (i can make a question and get an answer after hours, and maybe read it the day after, or to have a real-time conversation^^ )

Hey @Layer
I’d like to have only one partner for now which we can share our daily progress together, cause you know, groups of people would have different level, so if i saw someone very advanced from me, i would get sad, i don’t know if i’m right or wrong, but it doesn’t matter. I’m about to start Java script.
Flask would be really good short term goal to land my first job as a freelancer.
So i like having people who are beginners here.
I can even help with free courses or free accounts on Lynda.com
Let’s do our best :smiley:

if anyone in a similar timezone to me, or even a a few hours difference is interested, I still am. Would love to get a quick learning overview, and jump into a project/app.

Hey. I just started studying python. I can be your partner so that we can share many information. :slight_smile:

If anyone is interested in getting involved in a project with Flask let me know. I have an idea in mind, kind of like Glassdoor, but backwards. A place where employers/recruiters can come and look up a potential interview candidate’s past interviews with other companies. I think it will be a nice back-end project, that we can all share insight and just learn together!

Hello there i also start learning flask.
I recommend to you Corey Schafer’s youtube channel https://youtu.be/MwZwr5Tvyxo

Looking for help and get help with doubts on Python.

I am looking for help with Kaggle pulmo challenge. But open to python discussions regarding doubts and Data science.