Looking for a responsive react based Admin dashboard. Any suggestions?

Following are my requirements for the admin template:

  • React 18
  • Must use the NextJS & Typescript
  • Auth integration
  • Should have Email, Invoice and User apps
  • Functional Components & Hooks
  • Should be API ready
  • Multilanguage support & RTL Support.

It would be really great if anyone here can suggest such react dashboard.
Thanks in advance.


Well, there are some good admin templates with the mentioned requirements.
Although, I will recommend the one I personally used and finds the most suitable for developing professional responsive web-apps.

It is Materio React Admin Template. It is based on React 18 and comes with 6 layouts, RTL & Multilingual support. Also, it offers the both Typescript & JavaScript versions. Apart from this, it uses functional components & hooks as you have mentioned.

Although, if you are developing a mobile app then this admin template doesn’t use react native. But yet, it works well on mobile device as well.

In case you want to try it first then it comes in free version as well. You will get better idea by using the free version. Once you are satisfied with it you can go to the premium version.

I hope you find my answer helpful…!!

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Thanks for the suggestion.

Is it possible to integrate the template with existing NodeJS application?

Yes, you can easily do so.

I just checked it and it is really fantastic.
Loved the code structure & UI.

Thanks a lot for suggesting this one.

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