Looking for a student who wants to learn about Github Pages and Jekyll

In a similar manner to my previous NGO projects, I’m now looking for help to give some web love to a different open source project — GemRB, an almost 20 year old engine reimplementation project for some RPG classics. :japanese_ogre:

It has an old wiki for a website and we want to migrate it to a static website, which would be generated by Jekyll that GitHub Pages supports natively. Since it would be in a GitHub repo, there’s no more work securing account information or maintaining the software. And we’ll get Let’s Encrypt integration, so it’s even better — doubly free SSL certificates.

Setting up Jekyll is easy, but then we need to also pick a theme and adapt it to fit our design (or create one from scratch if you’re ambitious), and finally migrate the content that matters from the wiki. Nothing I couldn’t handle, but it’s a small and well defined project, so it makes for a good exercise. Learning on a real life example.

If anyone is interested, let me know and we can form a mini learner’s team, then get started with the planning and execution. We also have a discord channel we could use for rapid communication. :speech_balloon:

The offer still stands. In the meanwhile I’ve set up the repo, outlined the work needed and started weeding out existing content that does not need to be moved over.

Yes i want to learn to learn about Github as i am running my websites. how Github help me?

GitHub is a code and project management solution, so it’s not that useful if you already built something and want to keep it to yourself.

To be honest, I’m not sure if that wasn’t spam.