Looking for a Study buddy!

I also want to join study group. It keeps motivated and on schedule. Please tell me how to join.
I am from USA (Central Time Zone).

could you please update the link

I am in. I live in Italy so the time zone is the same.

I don’t have any friend into programming whom I frequently talk to.

thank you for your quick reply

@Balancedsan is your group still active? I joined your group but I cant see any message or post anything. Id love to join

im doing intermediate challenges, did you want to hop onto Codepad.io with me?

There are a few other posts around here about it, but there’s an “Unofficial FreeCodeCamp Discord.” It is in no way affiliated with FCC, other than the fact that quite a few of us have done many of the challenges, and are often to be found both here and there.