Looking for a Study Partner using OpenSource and creating OpenSource

I think it might help me to find someone who is also pretty much starting from scratch.

I imagine that we’d just be checking in with each other once a week or so.

The only rule is using openSource.

Means: if needed better use rustdesk then temViewer, better use Jitsi then teams, better use open-source Messenger then e.g. wutsApp of so … Clear?

I prefer audio - talks sometimes. More fun.

It doesn’t matter for me if we starting from the beginning or already with much experience (like me).

Thanks :slight_smile: have a best day, and maybe see/talk you soon.

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hello, are we talking about “hackathon” this year? or “open source” for a specific or generic, in general?

happy coding :slight_smile:

i thought about in general. but i dont know.

hi, even iam interested
iam learning different feilds like web3, front end
iam a computer_vision engineer
if you are comfortable, then we can move forward.

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