Looking for a web dev position - Github question

I’ve been working as a junior software developer since April of 2019. At my company, I work with software called FileMaker which is an all-in-one backend/front end tool. It uses a scripting language called Claris. In my time as a software dev, I haven’t used JavaScript at all so I’ve been away from JS for almost a year.

Since I started coding a couple years ago, JavaScript has been my passion, but I’ve been away from working with it professionally. Recently, I got back into using JS working on beginner and intermediate algorithms, working on CodeWars katas and reading Eloquent JavaScript working on assignments.

I’m now looking for a junior front-end web dev position, but since I can’t post my job related work on Github is it worth me posting an algorithm a day with a “read me” explanation of how I solved it or would that just look silly on my end? My Github is pretty abysmal with very little activity and I thought maybe this would give me a better look for my job search since I haven’t been working on side projects. Just getting back into the intricacies of JS.

My Github: https://github.com/angelr1076

That seems a more than reasonable idea. Just put them all in one repo and add a folder or file for each one. It is a minor thing, so don’t get too attached to it being something that’ll really swing things your way, because it may very well not. But it’s going to be something that’s really easy to read and interesting if someone looking to hire has a peek at your GitHub. It’s the sort of thing someone reading it can get lost in, and it’s easy to discuss.

Oh, also, I signed up for this thing a while ago; never applied myself to it but I think it’s a useful idea: https://weeklyproject.club/

He sends a project description out every week, and you’re supposed to plan how you’re going to do it then build, with a week to do each one in. It’s really a pretty good idea I think, the specifications are normally pretty realistic and the features you have to get done are generally pretty doable.

Hey, Dan. Thanks for the feedback! I signed up to weeklyproject so I’m looking forward to working on these projects as well!