Looking for advice-1

Ok. Here is my story. I have a partial PhD in molecular biology. I had to quit because my adviser basically just ran out of money despite us all doing good work. I’m applying to several schools now for Fall 2019 admissions and all of the grad coordinators think I’m a strong candidate. However, I’m a bit reluctant, because I know how tough these programs are, especially with the experimental work.
I found FCC and I love it. I’m breezing through the lessons, with some help from this site. What are the chances of getting a REAL job after completing this course? On the flip-side, I can tack on code to my “tool-kit” as a biologist if I actually do decide to start another PhD. I have plenty of time. I will be done with this course well before August 2019.

What do you think?

Getting a real job after only doing FCC will be difficult as it only covers basics. You will need other resources to practice and train yourself before getting a job. There are other posts on getting a developer job category who have asked similar questions for your info.

Good luck :slight_smile:

I’m a former graduate student in microbiology. As of right now, I am gainfully employed as a junior developer.

I’d say if you’re counting on just completing the FCC curriculum leading to employment, the chances are pretty slim unless you are well connected or very fortunate. To really establish an employable foundation, more advanced topics need to be covered, and perhaps more importantly, practices of various forms are required. Data Structure, Algorithm, as well as programming and system design concepts. FCC, for the most part, I’d say leans on the easier side of the programming. It is technically all you need for a junior web developer job, but the depth can ramp up quickly on a job.

Luckily, there are mostly free resources that are available, but you really have to be diligent on not only working on your technical skills and learning but also networking and job searching. As a graduate student, you might be very adept at the former, but maybe not quite so at the latter.

I wouldn’t say it is as hard as a PhD program, but It is no slouch. I had limited success until I joined a coding boot camp. The uncertainty of job prospects can be crushing at times, especially if you never had to reconsider your career path before. While the Bootcamp finally propel me to a job, it also limited my earning power in the short-term.

My advice to you is to think about what you are truly passionate for, and whether you can imagine doing either for the rest of your life. You happen to have the luxury of choice, so take your time to evaluate your situation