Looking for an accountability partner

Hi, I’m Anne, 43, part time math teacher with a background in computer science (from long ago). The last few years I’ve been looking to get into full stack web development. I feel pretty good about JS (although still have stuff to learn). This year I’ve been focusing on learning back-end including PHP, Node, and SQL, of course, among other things. I have a large number of project ideas. But, like many, I often lose motivation. Sometimes I can go two or three weeks without making any progress towards my goals. I’m looking for an accountability partner (or small group) that will check in with me daily via discord to make sure I keep my motivation. I already created a discord channel. If you are also looking for an accountability partner and you are interested, post a reply.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


I want to join . i know you can help a lot am .

Let me know about your discord channel and I will try to help.

Hi I’m interested in an accountability partner

Hey that sounds like a great idea I am definitely interested

Totally interested as well in getting an accountability partner. If anyone interested, please beep me.

Me too, this makes me think… is there some sort of platform available (or that we could build) to help us all connect and share accountability (stories, messages)?

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Maybe a weekly thread where everyone can post what they did that week?

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I also wanted to join the group.How can I join it?

Hello everyone,

My name is Phil, I’m looking for some evenly yoked web developer friends to work with and have some fun while learning as much as possible! and even more of a long shot but worth asking is!.. if you are located in West Valley City or Salt Lake City, Utah and you are down to meetup then that’s even better because so am I and it would be more then a blessing to meet and practice/learn to code with you! and even more so of a super long shot but would be a super super blessing is… finding a mentor! fingers-crossed and last but certainly NOT least, if you are a complete newbie or have just the basics of html/css down and need some help, please reach out to me! I know what its like to first get started and I know even more so what its like doing it alone… unfortunately!

A little backstory for you guys, I’m 29 years old, I’ve always loved computers and the internet. Last year was when I first became interested in developing/programming/science. I started off with the computer science area and wanted to work my way all the way up to the highest abstraction of programming to get a decent understanding of everything. So I began learning about electricity/electronics, binary, circuit logic, hardware, hardware language, machine language, assembly language, assemblers, compilers, … I went more wide in learning then I did deep but all in all I learned enough of that good stuff to make my own 16bit computer… and keyboard… and screen… which I did!, and yes I can load my own programs written in assembly language right on to the ROM! and I enjoy it very much! I could possibly see myself going back to that niche!

I then went on to mess around and learn a little “C” programming, nothing in-depth, just enough to do some cool stuff with my Arduino!

since then I’ve moved on to learning web design, development, ui/ux, photoshop, etc… etc… etc… and even a little photography :smiley: and that’s where I am currently! Im pretty comfortable with my html/html5 and CSS/CSS3 skills although im eager to learn as much as I can and get better! Im focused on responsive design, BEM naming, modular-CSS/re-usability, and other advanced features of HTML/CSS which has led me to learning some of the basics of SASS. I’ve just started learning vanilla javascript, windows command line, git, and NPM.

anyways, send me a message on here if you would like to chat!
happy coding


I think there are enough people here who would really, really benefit from some sort of system and potentially a platform where we can all come together and hold each other accountable. In terms of platform, I really love what WIP does – but I don’t think most people are willing to pay $20 a month for it.

Let’s try to flesh this out a bit more … What are the essential things we need?

  • a regular time to meet and check in (either email / in-person / live video / on a platform like slack)
  • someone who is at a similar level of experience and similar goals
  • a goal to focus on and a timespan that both parties can agree upon

Let’s expand upon this so we can figure out how to make this as beneficial as possible for everyone :slight_smile:

One idea I would love to do is have more real conversations with other dev’s - kind of like an “office hour” where x number of people join and we all come with a question or two, and everyone just kind of contributes to answer. This also would be a check-in for everyone to chat, discuss their week, and to provide support in helping others reach their goals.

Feel free to DM me if you’re keen to help me build something or interested in a weekly “office hour”. If there are enough interested people, I’d be more than happy to figure this out and set something up.

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@WizPdotC @marvellousmike


I think it’s a good idea for who want to learn to create new project to zero.
I would like to partecipate,but i think I haven’t have skills yet.

I would be happy to help get this setup in any way I can.

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I’m going to flesh this out a bit more and will DM you , maybe we can figure something out :slight_smile:

Ok so this is a starting point, but I’ve just created a FB group for campers and developers from anywhere to join up. The goal is for us to connect and share what we are up to, but also I want to create some sort of weekly catch up, like an Office Hours. There we can all share our progress, our struggles, and our wins, and that can hopefully help each other stay on track.

I’ve created the group here -> https://www.facebook.com/groups/2087333138231583/

Any feedback or suggestions are very much welcome!

I really like the idea of having a slack group chat for all of us who may be interested in having a group

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Hi Anne!
I am 22 with no experience in this field! Self taught here and still learning as I go with the goal to be employable by the end of the year. I am interested in this idea! It sounds like it could be really beneficial for all that is included!

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Yes I’m interested.
My name is javad , I’m from india , I’m also looking for a partner to learn coding.

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Hey everyone here - I reckon you should join up at https://codebuddies.org/ and there you have a slack channel, hangouts and more!

hello i am very much interested. is there a group i can join. i am just starting out . thank you

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