Looking for Arabic Programming partner(s)

Hey FreeCodeCampers,

I’m looking for Arabic study partners/group of people who are really interested to learn together. I’m available to study for every day. I learn by myself since I started FCC but from my learning experience, I saw sometimes it is very hard to stay motivated for consistently. If you are not motivated sometimes it is easy to lose your way and really hard to get back.

Learning with people is always excite me to challenge me to do better what I do. It is also a great way to learn faster and meet with some new friends.

So with that in mind, I’m quite keen to set up a study group over Skype (or a related technology) with a bunch of like-minded individuals where we can consolidate knowledge together, bounce ideas off each other and maybe even come up with a project to work on.

Drop me a message or comment below with your name, where you’re at in your journey?

Let’s learn together.

About me

My name is Dawood , I’m 22 From Cairo City. I’m actually a Engineer graduate, for various reasons - Let’s say I found my self in programming during my study trip - I am looking to transition into a job in the IT sector.

In particular I have an interest in web development and about a year ago I began learning a bit more about javascript , html and css . I have a basic understanding of these technologies and I have found that I have a particular enthusiasm for server side code node and mongodb , and I am currently learning data structure & design pattern . I have also practicing and working on problem solving and I am fairly familiar with using react , redux .


I don’t speak Arabic but I like your idea of a study group. I am also a beginner. I have used zoom before for meetings and I liked it. Anyway, I think having a support group is really important.

Best of luck.


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Hi Carol

I have sent u message in private so we can discuss how we will manege it :slight_smile: