Looking for coding/accountability buddy


my name is Alex. I’m 23. yo developer from Prague. I’ve worked as web developer (mainly PHP) for 4 years. Right now I have kind of burnout and exhaustion. I’m unable to sit down and learn new stuff i’m interested in.

By this way it would be more than great to find a coding buddy to keep each other pushing to his/her limits.

Thanks you very much for your time!
If you are interested, please drop me DM here. :slight_smile:
Have a nice day.


Hello, I was having this kind of issue 3 weeks ago, and now I don’t have it.
It´s hard to find some coddy buddy, and it´s even harder to get enough motivation to seat in your PC every day for more than 3 hours and try to finish the freecodecamp curriculum.

I´ve tried for a long time and my motivation gets lost as soon as I start. So, what I have done in these last 3 weeks in order to be coding 4+ hours a day was to penalize myself if I spend a lot of time doing something not productive like watching tv or using the phone. How? easy I pay to a person (it can be anything, even you can donate to freecodecamp) a “subscription” and I sent statistics of the use of my PC and my cell (there are several native apps and browser extensions for that), and the time spent on websites if I “fail” during the day watching random youtube videos or using Facebook I have to add another amount besides that subscription I am already paying.

for example, 10$ monthly subscription + 5*(every time I f**k up). So if you arrive from work instead of coding for 2+ hours the first thing you did was watch Netflix and you repeated this process 11 times in a month you have to pay/donate $10 + $511 = $65 at the end of the month.

This has worked for me for these last 3 weeks, I feel more motivated than ever, as far as I know, this is negative reinforcement, I couldn’t find any effective way of positive reinforcement that’s why I use this method, I hope this can help you.

Sorry for my English, a not native guy here.
This is just my experience, you can do something that works for you.

Happy coding!!!


If it works for you cool… Though personally that isn’t a method that would work for me at all. Brains need breaks.


Hi Alex,

I’m Amiya, 20 year old undergraduate studying civil engineering. I have started to learn coding, currently doing HTML, and CSS and have done 2 courses on python as well. I want to learn coding for building a start-up.

I also need a coding buddy, so let me know if you are interested.


Hey Alex,

please take care of yourself and think about seeing a professional, if you need some support. You are not alone with burnout. This is not about “motivation” or “laziness”.
Pushing your limits through burnout is not a sustainable healthy solution to this.


Hey livekaitylin. I am interested in a coding buddy and am working through the HTML and CSS courses. Let me know if you might be interested and potentially work on projects together. Best of luck to you and hope you are doing well.


Hi Mezdec. Please let me know how we can connect. I’m interested in working on projects.

Everyone is right to say give your brain a break, so I will say something else:

Do more than one project at once!

A lot of times your mind will have too much trying to get through at once, so rather than force yourself to do one thing, have 2-3 projects open. Use the pomodoro technique and for every 2 sessions in one project, switch contexts mentally and do a session or two in another project. Ideally keep using the same frameworks if you can, but switch purposes.

Burnout usually happens when you are working on something not very rewarding. You can burn out with meaningful work, but a lot less often. So do a project that is for curiosity or passion, then do one for obligation, and switch back and forth.

You will reach a point where you have too many projects to do, that you will never be able to do in your entire lifetime… and then you have something to include others in… and then ta-da :confetti_ball: you have a reason to form a team of people who are like-minded.

At a certain point having “friends who code” is like saying “I have friends who eat food” – some of what people work on is not going to fit your taste. So start to pay attention to what drives you, and surround yourself with people who have the same passions, and contribute on F/OSS projects that compensate you mentally and emotionally. That will go a long way to recharge you.

Also, find music that helps keep you moving but does not distract or tire you out even worse. I try to find playlists or mixes that are about the length of 2 pomodoros plus a break, or even just a pomodoro, that way you know you got to the end of a session, and you start to mentally get into the groove easier. Always play games with your mind.

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