Looking for coding buddies. Javascript - NodeJS beginner level coders.

Do you want to learn javascript/node js by doing some real projects?

I created this post before. https://www.reddit.com/r/learnjavascript/comments/9ntism/how_to_be_a_real_backend_developer/

And I see that best way to learn programming is codingand it’s easier to learn programming with a team.

It can be telegram or discord group.

Who should join this group?

  • If you are very ambitious to learn programming.

  • If you want to create some real projects instead of calculators, to do lists, blogs etc.

  • All javascript related technologies are ok. (React, Angular, Vue, Node, , React Native etc.)

  • You can be front end or back end developer, it is not important. We will build some full stack applications.

  • If you are studying/coding at least 5 hours daily.

  • Very ambitoius

What will we do?

  • Learning together, sending good links, sources to group with a description.

  • We will learn how to work in a project with other developers. (Git)

  • Non profit projects: We will create some ideas for projects

  • For profit projects: We will develop some projects as freelancers when we are ready.

If you want to join, please just send me a message.


I’m interested in joining, however I’m currently learning React and am not all that interested in jumping into the back-end with node. If that’s fine, then sign me up to your group because I’ve been looking for coding buddies who are serious about web development for some time.

Hi, all javascript related technologies fine.
Or even HTML/CSS devs can join, because we will build project, everybody will do own part.

hello. i am at the beginner level and looking for coding buddies to work with.

hi, am very much interested in a programming buddy

I am interested. I’m a frontend developer and I will shortly begin learning Node.js hoping to become a fullstack developer. I’m also very interested in working as a team to build projects using Git and GitHub, because I want to gain experience with pull requests.

Do we have a group already?

Hello guyz ^^

Do we have a group already?

Yep ^^ Sending PMs :smiley:

I’m also interested. How can I join the group? :smiley:

Ah, i was just writing the pm to you too!

Well, good call from me! :smile:

Yes I am interested to join with you.

I am really intersted to do work with you and learn with you, I did some projects in node js using restfull api and I want to learn new things to how to become real backend devloper