Looking for Coding Buddies

I am a new Java programmer (mostly java basics) but I have experience with some other languages. I am in the Eastern Time Zone and I can usually study for 1 - 5 hours depending on the day. I’m into making desktop apps with Java. I realized that coding by yourself & practicing by yourself can be very boring and it is always nice to have others who are at the same level as you problem solving and working through things. It would be great to do projects together to keep us learning new things and help everyone avoid losing dedication or motivation. We could work on new Java projects using GitHub while having fun. I think it would be a great idea to do something like this. If anyone is interested, please respond. Thanks for your time.

I usually recommend thinking of these “looking for people to code with” posts like dating. We got that your new to Java, and have experience with other languages and would like to work with some other people, but that’s about it. So to help other’s who might be interested you might also want to post some of the following:

  • Roughly what level of programming experience do you have in general? Do you just understand the basics across the few languages, or you can go out and program a full-stack web-app?
  • What kinds of projects are you interested in? Like web apps, AI apps, desktop apps, Android apps (since you mentioned Java)
  • Do you have knowledge/experience of things beyond java basic programming, like database design, architecture, git, open-source development, project management?
  • How do you want to collaborate on the projects? Do you have a github? (just in case to prevent spam don’t post your info public unless you want to :stuck_out_tongue: )
  • What sort of things are you looking for in “coding buddies” (haha this one totally sounds like a dating question XD)

Hopefully that helps with the hunt, goodluck :smiley:

At the accurate list of @bradtaniguchi i would add the time available: you can start at the same level of your buddy but if you study full-time and the other guy(s) can use a couple of hours per week your study arguments won’t be the same for long.

One last thing, the timezone!


Thanks for the tips Layer.

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Thanks, I have edited it.