Looking for Collaborators!

Hello all,

I am looking for other people to collaborate on this game with me.

Working on an HTML5 game is an awesome way to grow your developer skill set!

It is currently being developed actively, and it is more of a project to hack on and have fun learning with.

I do not plan on monetizing it at all, it is more of a cool project to practice sound programming fundamentals.

However it is a sizeable project and I would love some help.
It would be a great experience in working with other developers on a project, and could possible make a great addition to a coding portfolio.

There is plenty to work on, from coding, to animations, to documentation, you name it. I am hoping that it can develop into a cool collaboration from many people, and I would love to see it grow and evolve.

If you are interested, take a second to check it out and let me know if you have any questions!

Understand that right now it is barely playable, as all the work has been in coding and setting up the underlying framework.

However, the main systems are in place (combat, movement, target, equipment, looting, stats) and I can foresee it being in a very playable state very soon.

Any help or interest is appreciated, it has been a fun project so far and hopefully we can hack on it together!
Click here for the github page

I tried it on glitch and it says “Invalid Host Header”.
How exactly would people work on it together?

Hi @JohnnyBizzel,

I sent you a reply, but I thought I would reply here as well so anyone else who has the same question will receive an answer.

The way the collaboration on this project works is closer to the open source contribution model. It is being hosted on github.com, so to contribute, simply fork the project, clone it to your computer where you can edit it in your own environment, and then submit a pull request to have the changes merged into the master branch.

This may sound like a lot of work, however it is the same procedure you will be following for any other open source contributions you will be making in your programming career, and is a very good skill to practice!

If you need more detailed instructions, I recommend googling “making first open source contribution”. There will be a ton of information, and several articles that can walk you through the process.

Additionally, your github account will reflect the contributions you make, which will make your account much more attractive for potential employers.

There is a list on the github README.md you can check out for contribution ideas, or if you have anything else at all that you would like to implement just touch base with me and we can figure out how to move forward.


Hi everyone,

Just a quick update on the project:
Did a bunch of work on the github, so you should be able to find something to work on pretty easily.

If you cloned the project before, go ahead and give it another shot, it is progressing pretty rapidly.

@madclaws is working on the UI, once that is implemented the game will be very playable.

If you like javascript, this is a great project to mess around on.

Let me know any comments or questions you have, I am very receptive to advice!