Looking for constructive criticism/advice on my Survey Form

I just finished this today. Maybe I’ve been looking at it for too long but I’m just not sure if I am totally happy with how it turned out. Any advice on things I should change or could improve?

Thank you!

Hi there @kaymonlee.

For starters, I really like the context of the survey, and the way you separated it into different sections. The additional features of the “upload pet photo” show some real thought also, props for taking the initiative!

In regards to things that could be improved, I would suggest possibly a different font choice for the labels. While they are readable, the legibility would be improved with a san-serif font (these are notoriously more legible on the web.)

Another thing would be to maybe add some margin/spacing between the different labels and inputs? Breathing room always helps with presentation and again; legibility.


Name: [Input here]
                   <!-- Margin to create spacing -->
E-mail: [Input here]
                   <!-- Margin to create spacing -->
Label: [Input here

If you are still personally not entirely happy with/without the proposed feedback, I would suggest messing around with some different color combinations for your layout and elements, you can find some good color combinations here, or by searching color palettes online.

styling your buttons may bring some more life into the appearance also.

Overall really nice work! I can see you took the time to create a functional layout that’s well structured for people to use, with strong context within the form itself.

Hope this helps!

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