Looking for Critical Feedback on my Personal Portfolio Page

Hello there!

I’m a guy who’s just looking to hear some feedback on what I can do to improve my Personal Portfolio page as well as what you would like to see changed and edited for more of a professional approach.

I welcome any, and all critical feedback and I appreciate you all taking time out of your busy schedule to do so.

Please, if any of you have feedback it would help me out tremendously.

overall looks very good and looks good on mobile sizes … cant fault much … couple of things i dont like are the portfolio section … the box showing off your tribute page looks lost in that section … i would make it double in height or more … width is fine … maybe add a few more with text coming soon just so the portfolios section dosent look so bare …
The other thing i would look at is the github linkedin and freecodecamp buttons in top section … they look fine on desktop screen sizes but bad on smaller screen as they stay the same size and wrap … you could start making them smaller on samller screens so they stay in a line and for real small screens use just a icon with out text
other than that looks very good

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I appreciate the feedback. Thanks again!