Looking for critique on simple one page site

Hello I’m making a very simple website for my dads coworkers consulting business.


This is what I have so far. I’m looking for critiques. What stands out that’s ugly or incorrect? Any suggestions are welcome thank you!

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It’s a good site but it also feels like I am looking at a CV rather then a site. You should play with it a little more adding may be some colors to fonts and re-adjusting content to make it look bit longer then it is. It’s currently almost the size of an A4 page which makes it feel like a PDF doc.

Thanks for the critique. I guess that’s how I had it in mind when I made it. An html version of a resume.

Maybe I’ll do a modern version too but I vastly prefer information dense older style sites. I can’t stand the new endless scrolling over inspirational pictures with tons of padding.

That seems to be what’s popular today though.

Thank you very much I will play around with that.

Edit: I see what you mean I didn’t even think about that. ty

If you planned it that way then it’s the best design you can have. :slight_smile: