Looking for feedback for a Pet adoption app

I’ve developed a simple app for Pet Adoption on Android. I put it on play store and it’s open for testers, Please consider giving it a try and try to break it why not.
i appreciate your time and consideration, Have a nice day
link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=devyac.app.adoptme

Hey @Devyac!

Welcome to the forum!

I wish I could try your app but I have an iphone. The pictures look great though.

Good luck!

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@jwilkins.oboe, np at att, thank you for your time tho!!

I tested it and here’s some comments:

  • I can’t use the bottom panel (where I can switch between “pets” and “shelters”), because it’s overlapping with my android bottom buttons for “back/cancel/all open apps” (that triangle, circle and square). Same for the “apply” button in the settings-screen, or the panel with the four icons in the details-screen; none of those bottom buttons are clickable
  • the left column of the overview-screen starts a bit lower than the right column. I’m not sure if it’s intentional, but it looks a little off
  • I wouldn’t use the handwriting-font for the whole “card”, but only for the pet’s name. The other information (breed, age) would look better if they were the same sans-serif font as the font for location
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@jsdisco, Thanks for all the details, I really appreciate it