Looking for feedback for first 2 challenges

Hello Campers! I joined FreeCodeCamp a few weeks ago and I just completed my first two challenges. I would appreciate your feedback. https://codepen.io/emiedzo/pen/VbqvWM and https://codepen.io/emiedzo/pen/jmdpaQ . Thank you.


They seem to all meet the minimum requirements to pass these challenges.

I am curious to why the GitHub doesn’t connect to your Github’s account? If you do not have GitHub, and are serious about web development then I strongly suggest that you create one.

Depending on your intent with this Free Code Camp, as it shows that you put in just enough effort to pass the requirements. If you wish to learn and display your eagerness to be considered as a serious web developer, then you might want to spend a bit more time on these projects. (styling, adding features, etc).

Otherwise, good job and you can go on to more challenges if you want to. I deeply regretted my decision as I did the similar thing as you did…I rushed through my front end certification, and now I wished I spent just a bit more time on each project. Just a bit more.

I appreciate your feedback and concern, and thank you for sharing your experience. I definitely plan on going back to past challenges as I progress through the course.

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