Looking for feedback for my landing page

Hello everyone! I completed my landing page and was hoping to get some feedback on it.I spent hours figuring it out on my own so I decided it would be worth it to try and get some tips on things I’m doing wrong and what can be improved. Appreciate any feedback!

Good work :slight_smile: Here are few suggestions.

  • Give a white logo with black background.
  • It’s usually a good idea to have a intro text in the landing hero.
  • Try decreasing the size of fonts that describe specifications of the phones.
  • Change cursor of the mouse to pointer on send request button hover.
  • Your logo is getting cut off on mobile view.

Well done! :clap:

Great job.
@shimphillip Covers most of the improvements you can make.

I would like to add that Your I phone Xr Image is not loading up, try rechecking the link as well.

Thank you very much! I’m learning on my own so I very much appreciate your time. Made some changes and thank you again!

Thank you! When I went back to it today it seemed to be working again. Hopefully it stays or I’ll just go find another image. Thanks again!