Looking for feedback for my Portfolio page

Hello guys!
Well, after a large break I came back to FCC and completed a portfolio page. Please look at it maybe you’ll find a mistake or bug. Or you will have something to advise. Any feedback will be helpful.

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It looks good, and you got that scrollspy thing to work!

Shutsumon, thank you for your feedback. Yes, first time it didn’t work as I didn’t set links for bootstrap properly.
But there is still a horizontal scrolling in mobile devices. I don’t know how to fix it for now.

I used data-* attributes for scrollspy plugin. Also you can use JS.

I like the clean and simple design. I suggest adding some top padding to your section headings so when the page jumps from the navigation it doesn’t stop directly on top of the heading.

Burak, thank you for the note! I have fixed it and now it should look better )

Good simple design. I like the minimalist color scheme you used. I am not sure if you are looking to work on other projects right now, but I might encourage you to remove the line, “And I currently look forward to beginning work in real projects.” In the context of a portfolio, it could be viewed is a bit redundant and might not come across in the best way. Also, it has a couple language issues. Starting a sentence with “and” is generally frowned upon as improper English, and it should be beginning work “on”, not “in”, real projects.

keep up the good work!

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Aaron, oh, thanks a lot! It’s so helpful. I fixed these mistakes. It is so important to get this notice about grammar.
I plan to make one-page application on Angular from this page, not serious, just for fun, to strength my knowledge. So I need more text and other stuff to work to it and portfolio page will include only my works. :slight_smile: