Looking for feedback on CodePilot.ai a tool that helps devs find solutions to coding problems

Coding is hard and often you get stuck. My team and I are working on a tool to make finding solutions to coding problems easier.

Looking for honest feedback :slight_smile: the tool is free and you can get it at https://codepilot.ai

It’s a beautiful UI.

Can you explain the difference between your app and Stack Overflow?

Thanks - yeah so we actually pull data from several data sources. StackOverflow; GitHub code; GitHub issues/commits; Searchcode; devdocs.io…

We break down searches into 4 types Code; Learn; Doc and Errors. This allows us to match sources with the type of search.

When we return Code results you see the entire file and it is syntax highlighted (try search on GitHub and you just see a snippet and no highlighting.

You can also add custom data sources and build profiles, perhaps at work you are a Java dev and sideprojects you are a full stack or javascript dev. Profiles help return just info that is relevant to you.

The app is build using Electron and Vue.js

@ideaguy3d these two sites will give you a bit more info:



I was actually going to try to use it till I realized there was no search bar

Then as I looked for it, I learned I have to download it.

At this point I gave up and went back to Google.

Just a little bit of feedback from a potentially real user.

I think you lost 50%-75% of your potential users by making this a downloaded app

@ideaguy3d Thanks for the feedback!

This is something we have considered, as much of the functionality can be web based.
We do have a couple of specific use cases that led us to the downloaded desktop app.
1 - We can search your local folders, so you can find code you may want to reuse from another project or repos you downloaded.
2 - For Teams that have local repos only (for security)

We may end up with a light version on the web and full version on desktop.

Thanks again

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