Looking For Feedback on my Personal Portfolio (Frontend skills) www.leotg.com

Hey there everybody!

I’ve been working on this website on and off for quite some time now, I think 3 months to be exact.

I made it using HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Vite. No frameworks and I self hosted all of this.

Every single image asset on this page has been built in inkscape and penpot, fully open-source.

This will not be my main portfolio website, but rather a cool little project I can showcase to potential clients.

If you could take a look at it, provide some feedback about your browsing experience, I would be very grateful! This project was a huge step outside of my comfort zone, and I am really happy I can share it with everyone after a long time.

The link is in the title.

Its a good looking site. I know its to show off your skills, but its a little bit of animation overload for me. But everything was smooth, and looked good. There were something I noticed.

Looks like you have a spelling error here

Here, I would lower the icon just so its on the same level with the text

Then once thing I would suggest, when clicking the new project button it goes through the text showing the user that this is a place holder but then after that you just get this. I see you give the user a choice of going to the home page or the about me page. I feel like it would flow better if after the last section of text shows up you navigate it back to the project screen. Just a suggestion. Everything looks great though

Thank you so much Cody for investing your precious time and delivering this review.

I will be a little bit more tedious and ask you, should I build one more Vue project, and slowly apply for jobs, am I there yet?

Thanks once again :slight_smile:

I would invest in 1 or 2 more solid projects. There is going to be a lot of calculators on a new developers portfolio. I would try to look around your local area see if there is a small business who is looking for a website, or create a website for an imaginary company. The firs woul be better if you could remodel or create a website for a new store or small retail store. This way you will have actual working experience with a client, and you could add their testimonial to your portfolio as well.

I would also make sure that all projects are polished and look good. I did notice in your business website project it is hard to read some text because of the black text you have on a dark blue background. This would be difficult for users to read, and when you think about most people are only going to spend a few second on your website to decide if they are going to stay on it. If you have hard to read text then most likely users wont stay around for long

It’s a good website :+1:

I have a few points of feedback

If the user has to hover to see the image it’s an unnecessary roadblock. If the image could just be visible to begin with, why make the user perform an action to make it visible?

When an image has a hover state it usually indicates that it’s a link (i.e. a useful action).

I would remove the simple view. Having two views with different navigation styles isn’t necessary. I don’t think the advanced view is difficult enough to use to justify needing a simple view. If it was so difficult to use that it required a simple view then that would be bad ui and I would suggest simplifying the advanced view.

Additionally if all your effort has gone into the advanced view why would you want them looking at the simple one?

The carousel/sliding pages is appropriate for the website and used well.

Remember that BEM is block element modifier. Make sure you’re sticking consistently to the pattern

<div class="buttons">
  <button class="buttons__action">click me</button>
  <button class="buttons__action">click me</button>
  <button class="buttons__action--big">click me</button>

options__item-two__image-container - this is block element element.

Good morning Mike, I want to wholeheartedly thank you for the time and effort you invested into crafting this response.

Thank you for trying to be the person who helps people.

I want to clarify, that there being simple and advanced view, is purely for me to experiment and showcase my css skills. Nothing more. I am also aware it would probably be better for me just to have a boring one page layout, but I am of the opinion that the mentioned approach is simply not unique. And I wanted to stand out somehow with this project.

With this approach in mind, would you be so kind, to offer me a comment, did I manage to do that?

Will a Hiring Manager/Client tomorrow have at least a raised eyebrow, a little bit of curiosity to how I can drive their business model?

I am validating and accepting my mistakes about BEM not being consistent and nobody brought to my attention that there is this “hover” thing on mobile for a picture, that was very silly of me!

I want to build another business website, kind of an online fictional bakery, with in-house orders in Vue.

What do you think, Mike, after finishing that page, doing it averagely, or above that. Am I ready to start applying for internships/jobs/freelancing?

Thank you so much!!!

I think the advanced view is eye catching but the simple view isn’t, that’s part of the reason I’d recommend getting rid of the simple view. I also think it’s redundant. You should keep your UI focussed on what’s necessary to achieve your goals and the needs of the user.

Yeah if you have at least one framework under your belt and ideally some basic backend such as being able to build a simple express server I think you’re ready to apply for junior jobs. Re portfolio projects it’s generally better to have real or real-looking applications or websites rather than cookie cutter ones like calculators that appear on most junior portfolios.

If you could showcase one fully functioning website or application (eg a management console of some sort), with a backend, then that would be better than 20 fcc or tutorial projects. But I think you’re heading in that direction anyway.

You’re definitely on the right path from what I’ve seen so keep moving forward and good luck :crossed_fingers:

In answer to this question I think yes. Your communication style is positive and your portfolio looks like consistent work and commitment went into it over time and the code quality at a glance is generally decent.

I just spotted another inconsistency in convention in your js variable naming. try and use camel case for all names in js. You’re using snake case for some (eg project_covers) and camel case for others.

Hi, I have just noticed that the
text in dad jokes is not scaling correctly. This was my first view of it. It doesn’t look good and should be easy to fix.