Looking for [feedback] on my personal portfolio

Hey All,
Just finished up work on my personal portfolio project. What do you think? Any feedback is welcome!

project link = https://codepen.io/thebeachbum83/full/mRQbmL/

I think it looks nice! The one thing you could look at (if you’re using Bootstrap) is to use ScrollSpy to keep right section highlighted. I am not an expert on this though, but I’ll link to a cheatsheet ^^. Hope this helps!

And by the way, I really like the design of the Portfolio part. Looks very neat!

Cheatsheet: https://hackerthemes.com/bootstrap-cheatsheet/

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I finally got around to adding this feature. Unfortunately, I wasn’t using the standard Bootstrap nav functions, but I was able to get this done via JQuery. What do you think?