Looking for feedback on my portfolio and tribute pages

Looking for feedback on my portfolio and tribute pages
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Just want to know if Im on the right track with the way Im coding. Using best practices, organization, design, ect. Any comments appreciated! Here’s the links:

Tribute page


One thing that is bugging me is that the links in my navbar are cutting off the headers they link to. I tried playing around with margins and padding but I’m not understanding the the issue.


I like your portfolio. Just a thought: maybe it would be better to align your “About me” with “Portfolio” etc.

As to your problem: I’ve solved it by creating empty divs before the headers and then linked my nav items to the ids of those divs, like this:


Keep up the good work!


Thanks for the tips! I aligned About me with Portfolio. I don’t understand your code really but I made empty divs before my headers with the appropriate IDs and added padding top of 30px to them. It worked, although I have a lot of padding above the headers now. Thanks again!

Edit: nevermind, I understand now. Fixed it without the padding.