Looking for Feedback on My Portfolio

Hey all! I’m currently an interactive designer trying to learn more front-end development in order to make myself more valuable in the job market. I’m looking for general feedback (design, content & code) on my portfolio: http://elizabethropp.design. I built this from scratch using bootstrap and is the first ever website I’ve built from the ground up. Please take a look, and don’t hold back. Any constructive feedback would be GREATLY appreciated! I promise, I won’t be offended.


it looks really good. especially for a first attempt at building from scratch. seriously.

one thing that would probably be good to check is the contrast between the fonts and the backgrounds - it makes it much easier for visually impaired people to read the page if the fonts have been checked with something like this: http://leaverou.github.io/contrast-ratio/

anyways, great job. and the responsiveness is on point. keep it up :slight_smile:

thanks for the tip. I will definitely check that out!

Your portfolio looks amazing great job!

It actually took me a while (which is rare) to finally find some constructive feedback but I finally found some very minor details I would change or at least take a look at:

  • Your “Get To Know Me” section seems like it has a bit more padding on the top than it does on the bottom. I would add a little bit of bottom padding to make your content look vertically centered in the content box.

  • Same things goes for “What I Bring to the Table” section I have not messed with it so I do not know what would look better, but try removing the top padding OR add some bottom padding to see if it looks better.

  • And for your nav bar, only for the “Let’s Talk” tab I would change the font color to white. (Only that one tab though not the other)

But honestly just see how these changes look and choose the option that YOU are happy with, these are just suggestions. Like I said the portfolio looks amazing :slight_smile:

But keep in mind amazing projects can always be improved, never assume a project is “done”

I really like your work. It looks cool. The color theme and composition make good feelings when I read the page.
Ok. Now I want to tell my opinion about design. It’s only my opinion. I think it will be good step to use an accent color( which will accent form backgrounds) for important elements like button “Let’s talk” within header. and Of course white text looks better in the element if you safe dark green color. :wink:
Keep coding! and good luck!

Thanks @belodpav & @michaelg22 for the feedback!