Looking for Feedback on my React Portfolio (almost ready to start applying for jobs)

Well, i started with FreeCodeCamp course in March, by now i completed 4 of the 6 certifications (left data visualization at 2/5 projects and didnt start the Security and QA yet), im hoping to finish my Portfolio this week, just missing a little navbar with links to Linkedin,GH,CV download and email, and then i will go for the full stack certification.

Anyways, what do guys think about my current portfolio? its a bit render heavy and too colorful? I like to hear any criticism, all helps :wink:



Hey @al3busse,
Looks Beautiful, responsive and unique.

I feel you could add a call to action button on your home page which takes to your projects, it will improve user experience.

Very well done though. :partying_face:

All the best for job search and full-stack certification.

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Looks good but it’s a little blurred for me I don’t know why.
Contrasts lack a bit and there is no primary call to action button.

And you should add a scroll effect that will take you to the next page.

The lading page looks a bit bland. Add the primary CTA button to make it a little bit better.

And you should link your socials like Twitter and LinkedIn and so on.

Otherwise pretty decent portfolio.

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What browser are you using, it has a transition from page to page? It may be missing some specific browser css rules.

Also, i will add the social in a few hours and i knew i was forgetting something CTA button, thanks for the reminder :smile:

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Beautiful! Well done!

I have a few minor points.

  • First I find the glow around the titles a little hard to look at. Maybe make it slightly more subtle by changing the opacity or something. That’s up to you if you like it the way it is!
  • Next there are a couple of language errors - the two times where you say “let you” should be “lets you” since the noun is singular so the verb needs to be singular. And on the drum machine it should be “sound banks” since it is plural. Yes English is confusing - singular verbs get an S but so do plural nouns.
  • Your microservice description might also be better if it read: “A simple microservice for shortening urls.”
  • Be careful with capitalization – “microservice” should be lower case, so should “scatterplot” since they are common nouns, while REST API should be all capitals – you have it this way in some places but it’s not consistent.
  • And one last language edit (sorry I am a language geek!) In the Scatterplot you might say more simply: “A scatterplot graph made with D3js that dynamically renders data gathered with an API.” Or something like that…

Just my two cents… Good luck!

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Cool progress, but man, that weird taste… I don’t know why you are such a big fan of an acid palette and random fonts)))
Cool stuff, but I suffered from visual appearing in all your projects. Cheers.

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Thanks for the corrections, i just fixed them. Im considering changing the glow, but i have to find something to replace it :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahaha, i dont really like graphic design, i ended up changing the home animation and bg 20times. Most projects were just like add some colours (mostly randomizers) and focus on the functionality of the app.
I would prefer if someone else design a sketch and i will try to replicate in code.

I am using Google Chrome. It only changes the page when I click the navbar items. scroll doesn’t work. and yes I checked my scroll if its working or not :sweat_smile: . And I also check it out with firefox the page transition doesn’t work with scroll.

Oh, it doesnt scroll down. Its not that kind of web.

Someone else is a designer :joy:

Just work on your taste. Watch websites and determine what exactly you do like, what you don’t like, and ask yourself why. Watch some artists, get inspiration.

One website is a completed idea: colors, lines, fonts, animations, sound effects etc. It’s not random, it’s lying in the same logic line.

Good luck!

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Awesome work on getting so far since March. Is this your first go at coding or did you have prior knowledge?

Javascript has been my biggest hangup so far, any suggestions on other tools you used to learn it?

Site looks great, reminds me of older video games with the glowing letters. Like Jet Moto older lol.

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Hey @jamesbuddie1, i had prior knowledge in Logo from when i was 8 years old, but other than that im good at logic and math.

Javascript its really hard compared to html and css, some methods were a bit hard to understand at the beginning (until you see a good example on when and how to use).

I can recommend you:

  • First: dont give up!, dont be afraid to look at the hints and even the solution to understand the logic behind.

  • Second: check out youtube videos and the oficial documentation about what you are having issues.

  • Third: you will have to learn many things by yourself (for example: i dont remember fcc course teaching you how to use actual js in a basic html+css+js web, it mostly focus on react), so googling, asking here or reading guides, it all helps.

After JS things get more fun.

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Thanks for the inspiration.

I guess the not showing an example of it actually being used with HTML, CSS is really what’s doing me in here. I’m doing a Javascript course on Udemy now, trying to get another perspective, then coming back to do the certification.