Looking for Feedback on my Technical Documentation Page



Wow, really nice job. I can tell you put a lot of work into this. You even did the syntax highlighting manually on your code examples, well, at least the first few, did you get tired after a while :slight_smile: I don’t blame you if you did. Most people would probably use a third-party library to do this.

Concerning those code examples, instead of using <br> to create line breaks and indentation the best way to do this is to wrap the <code> in a <pre> tag, which stands for preformated text, which means the text will be displayed on the page exactly as it is written in the HTML, with line breaks and indentations included.

The other thing I want to point out is the heading structure. Best practices dictate that there should be one <h1> near the top of the page which I think in this case would be “Java Documentation”. Then the next level subheadings should all be <h2>s (you don’t want to skip heading levels). So each heading that represents a section should be an <h2> (e.g. Home, Introduction, Syntax, etc…). Then if you have subheadings under those they would be <h3>s (e.g. “What is java?”, “Why use java?”, etc…). In the Datatypes section you would go down to <h4>. For example, “Primitive Data Types” would be an <h3> and then each of the subheadings below that would be <h4>s.

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Hi there!)

The documentation is great. And this comes from an iOS users. But if you want to make your page bulletproof, here’s what you can do:

  • Make sure the buttons don’t tear when scaling to mobile

  • Try to fix some unintentional and uneven spaces between paragraphs

  • You’ve created the anchor links so that the user can instantly go down. Now let’s think about how can this user go up with one button? Scrolling up with so much information on one page is just a thumb-killer

Other than that, your page is great. I like the small color transition, it looks cool and doesn’t put a lot of strain on my eyes. Cheers!

thank you, I’ll try to fix the points you mentioned.

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